Build Real-Time TV Dashboards with Salesforce Data, Platform Events & a Raspberry Pi – Part 1 – The Intro

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A little bit of background before we get started. Dreamforce. It is on the top of my bucket list ever since I started working on the Salesforce Platform. When the Call forĀ PresentationsĀ for this year’sĀ Dreamforce 2019 was opened, I submitted my first ever developer track proposals! And… thanks to God and Salesforce,Ā one of my developer trackĀ proposals got accepted! šŸ˜Ā I can’t find words to describe how happy and excited I was. It would be my first ever Dreamforce, both speaking and attending.
I was assigned anĀ awesomeĀ session owner from Salesforce, Ernie Maldonado, he was very kind, supportive and provided great feedback to make it a successful session. After a month long journey of learning, building, collaboration and presentation design, I was all set for my firstĀ ever Dreamforce! And… I couldn’t make it due to a last minute emergency. But, I didn’t want it to stop me from sharingĀ my idea with my fabulous Salesforce Ohana.

So here is a 3 part blog post seriesĀ on Building TV Dashboards with Salesforce Data, Platform Events and a Raspberry Pi.Ā Without further ado, let’s get started.

TV Dashboards
What is it? – Basically, it is a dashboard on a TV.
What makes it special?
It is stand-alone data dashboard and reflects data in near real-time so that we donā€™t have to refresh it manually to stay on top of key data. Imagine having one near your teamā€™s workspace or meeting rooms, it would help teams monitor and track key metrics in near real-time on a daily basis and not just during meetings or presentations.Ā Here are some of other its benefits:
  • Save time on ad-hoc reporting and meetings to discuss results
  • Helps focus onĀ key metrics
  • Promotes data-driven conversations and helps in data-driven decision making
I came across this concept a few months ago and was totally fascinated by it.Ā So, I wanted to tie it to Salesforce and build a TV Dashboard to track Salesforce Data in real-time!Ā šŸ¤“
Just to give you are visual idea of what I am talking about, here is what I had envisioned.
TV Dashforce Architecture
Image built using Dreamforce2019Ā PowerPoint Template

And this is the final product!

I also added in a few more components like Clock, Weather, Upcoming Holiday List and Twitter Live Stream. And, I’ve decided to call this project tv-dashforce.

Now, Let’s learn how to build one!

First, here are a few things that we need:

  1. A Salesforce Org (I am using a Trailhead Playground)
  2. A Raspberry Pi (I am using a Raspberry PiĀ 3 Model B+)
    Why? – It is the brains of the project.
    What is it? – It is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that enabled people to explore computing, learn to code and build amazingly cool things. Personally, it is my go-to platform when building IoT projects & prototyping.
  3. Strawberry Milkshake & Pizza (jk, totally optional)

Also, here is the GitHub Repo for the project:Ā

For the ease of readability & structure Iā€™ve dividedĀ this tutorial intoĀ a series of blog posts. This is the first one in the series and here are the links to the other two:

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