Pet Project – My First Macro Keyboard

I don’t have an engineering degree. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do what I love.
Don’t let a piece of paper(your degree) decide what you can and can’t do.

Let your passion be your teacher, the internet your library and the world your stage.

The pandemic deserves full credit for giving us the new normal… and our new hobbies.
Apart from picking up book reading, cycling and cooking it also helped me learn a bit more about my favorite subjects, IoT and electronics.

While I was busy creating fantastic things at work… I’ve also had some time to build on my dearest pet project so far – My First Macro Keyboard

This was supposed to be a blog post and a massive thank you Venkat Kosuri sir for motivating me to make it a video, definitely learned a ton!

In this video, I share about what it does, how it helps me and share some interesting learning/experiences that I have had while building my first ever Macro Keyboard. Grab your hot(or cold) beverage and check it out 👆

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