Pet Project – Meet Soji, the Slack Emoji Keyboard (+Macro Keyboard v2)

Emojis have become an integral part of our communication. They should be easy to type on our desktops/laptops, as easy as they are on our mobiles, just with a click of a button. Slack has already made it easier and I wanted to take it one step ahead.

So, I am super excited to introduce you to Soji. It helps me easily type my favorite emojis and is built on the latest iteration of my macro keyboard platform.

In this short(6min) video, I share a quick demo of the keyboard, the major improvements, and inspirations+learnings behind them. Yet again, this pet project pushed me out of my comfort zone and I love it!

Grab your hot(or cold) beverage and check it out here

PS: Make sure to check out the “Behind The Scenes” section at the end of the video.

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