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You Are Persistent!

People will appreciate your work only until they like the way they see it. Once they fail to see the way it should be seen is, no matter how hard you have worked for it or how good that it is for them, they will start criticizing you and your work real bad.

That is why you gotta be hard and build a line of control between your heart and the outside world, where nothing from outside either positive or negative impact you or your work in a negative way. Continue reading You Are Persistent!

Thank You Mum :)

There are universal laws that govern our life… One of those laws is to Respect everyone regardless of gender, identity, status or ethnicity and, Especially Women.

You are in this world,  reading this right now because of a women, your Mother.

Everything in her stomach digests, but you didn’t.

You grew up in there for 280 days without any kind of starvation, may it be food or care, and you still are.

Mother is an incarnation of god, not only her but every single woman in the world is … you respect her and you will eventually respect your creator. Continue reading Thank You Mum 🙂

You are Resilient!

On the journey making your dream come true, there will be a lot of obstacles.
People are gonna say things and things are gonna happen both positive and negative, but you gotta take the positive things and keep moving forward. Continue reading You are Resilient!

You Are Awesome :D

Cheer Up My Friend !!

Hey, you! Yeah you… You are awesome. Continue reading You Are Awesome 😀

A Life Well Lived.

He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Despite Continue reading A Life Well Lived.